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Stick War walkthrough

Diversion: STICK WAR 

This is not a definitive walkthrough of the amusement. This is just the way I would play the amusement. It is ensured 100% effective. It may not be the most effective way, but rather a standout amongst the most dependable. 


Digger. This person will get you cash to purchase units. You will get no less than 1 mine worker each time you begin another level. On the off-chance that your mine worker passes on, don't stress. Despite everything you pick up cash (but at a moderate rate), so when you have enough cash purchase a mineworker. Costs 250 gold. 

SWORDWRATH. This person is your most essential unit. In any case, I feel that this person is a standout amongst the most imperative folks around. Costs 150 gold. 

ARCHIDON. This person is your toxophilite. I believe that this person is fairly futile, since it takes ages for him to flame, and you can't assume the responsibility of this person in light of the fact that endeavoring to shoot the bolt physically is tormenting. Costs 400 gold. 

SPEARTON. This person is your overhauled variant of the swordwrath. He can toss the lance and utilize a blade. Once more, on the off-chance that you updated the word wrath, you needn't bother with this person. Costs 400 gold. 

MAGIKILL. This person is a mage. He can paralyze adversaries and summon followers to assault them. This present person's super futile in light of the fact that he can't really harm the adversary, and his cronies are pointless (see beneath). Costs 1200 gold. 

MINIONS: This folk is lousier than the word wrath. These folks can't be overhauled, with the goal that implies that they outrageously suck at battling. You can just utilize these folks in the event that you really conveyed a magical. 

GIANT:. This person is useful for crushing down the adversary statue. He likewise shocks the foes he crushes. He strolls truly gradually, however, has a cracking high well-being. Costs 1400 gold.


MAN THE FORT: Your default state at the start of every level. Your units won't attack the enemy statue, but if the enemy units approach your statue they will attack the enemy units.
ATTACK: Your units will run to the enemy statue and attack it.
DEFENCE: Your units (including the miners) run back behind the line of arrows. Some archers will appear (depending on how many units you have, not how many archives you have) and they will shoot arrows at the enemy units that approach your statue.


MINER: It's really quite simple. If the miner is near the enemy's line of arrows, all he needs to do is walk back and dump his gold there and the enemy can get units to kill you. So all you need to do is stand between him and the line of arrows, and while he's struggling to walk through you (which he can't) you can deal with other enemies first, or perhaps multiple miners.
SWORDWRATH: Before the word wrath reaches you, press the spacebar. You need some time to execute the move so he could attack you first. By giving yourself some buffer time you can kill him as soon as he reaches your face.
ARCHIDON: Kill this archidon by attacking him normally. However, you're going to need to avoid his arrows (unless you're a giant). Run zigzag to the archival, and kill him by pressing the spacebar.
SPEARTON: Do the same as you would to the arachidonic (because the separation can throw his spear at you), but once you reach the separation you need a few hits before he dies.
MAGIKILL: Kill all the minions he sends your way, then run behind him. He can't stun you, and you can stab this pesky enemy in the back.
MINIONS: Do the same as you would to the word wrath. There is only one difference. The minions are a little bit faster than the word wrath, so you can either give yourself buffer time or just ignore the minion since they're real, really weak.
GIANT: You will need a few swordwrath, or even just one if you're good enough. Control one of the word wrath and run round to the giant's behind. While you attack his behind, your backup will be attacking his front. He will (most of the time) smash the guys at the front, so you can continuously attack him. Eventually, the giant will die. If you're doing it solo, then you're going to need to have maxed the swordwrath's speed. The swordwrath will need to run behind the giant, and when the giant turns to attack, run to his front and attack him. After he finishes his attack, run behind him and he'll have to turn around again. Rinse, wash, repeat. You could just let him attack you from the front, but you'll be unable to notice when he's about to attack you. Making him turn around can save you from some brutality that the giant can deal with you.

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