Thursday, August 10, 2017

Battalion Commander - Walkthrough


Battalion Commander is an altogether wonderful vertical shooter by IriySoft. Above all else, it has little soldiers. Second, those soldiers are genuinely savage (and dangerous genuine). Additionally, there is helicopters, tanks, projectiles, napalm, and your form cognizant adversaries are wearing pink outfits: what's not to like? Your objective is less to complete the level, as to finish missions. Each level gets increasingly troublesome until the point when you're getting shot from all sides like a washout in a water expand battle, however, that is good, as long as you continue getting knowledge focuses and cash.

 Walkthrough Guide on Battalion Commander 

Battalion Commander gets simpler after some time to win as you advance and open more redesigns. For me, I will furnish myself with Shotgun and Napalm Wave. Basically thinking, since spread projectiles are more powerful to kill, and Napalm Wave have a genuinely short cooldown time. I win at subsequent to overhauling Nanobots as per my prescribed form. A quick approach to get brisk money and XP. Purchase the Fast Start when you can, when you begin the mission, attempt it hit the greatest number of infantry as you can. After your auto detonates and you can gather all the dropped cash and XP, quit the level and restart + rehash. The fast approach to get all the redesign and positions, be that as it may, it's a crush fest.

In the event that you've seen, I leave Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Heroic Dash and Fast Start at the very end of the fabricate. By and by, I discover Minigun and Rocket Launcher less helpful than Shotgun. As I would like to think, Heroic Dash is quite unpleasant practically speaking... Every one of the adversaries can target, including behind them. While you and your partners are for the most part only ready to shoot straight ahead. "Chivalrous Dash" ought to be called as "Ghastly Death." A quick begin is very helpful however unfit to flip it off and may cause slack. I feel it's best to redesign it last.

Try to play Battalion Commander now!

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