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Angry Birds Action Cheats: Tips & Strategy Guide for 3 Star Levels

Rovio has just launched a brand new and extremely fun game, Angry Birds Action – a game that borrows elements from Pinball games and masterfully implements them in the Angry Birds universe. The game is fun, fast paced and it’s usually your skill that will get you through the levels (or not) so there’s really not a lot of help that I can offer. But since every little bit helps, I’m here to share with you a bunch of Angry Birds Action cheats and tips that will keep you going and scoring three stars on all levels.

So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below some Angry Birds Action tips and cheats below (at the moment of writing this, it’s only tips, but we’ll add any cheats if we find ’em!)

1. Connect your game to Facebook
I am sure you know about that already, but it has to be said: connecting your game to Facebook opens up the door for all the goodies that come with it, including the option to check your performance against your friends – and if you do better than them, get all the bragging rights. Of course, you can also ask for energy, which is even better!

2. Use the right bird for the job
On most occasions, one of the Angry Birds is better suited for the mission than the others, so know their powers and advantages (as well as drawbacks) and make the decision based on the way a level looks like. But have in mind that once you started a level with a given bird, you can’t switch to another until you restart or the current one runs out of tries.

3. Clean the path with one bird
Some levels might require you working with your birds together. Sacrifice one (like Bomb) to blow away the big obstacles and clear the way for the next one coming. It’s true that every new turn begins with some random obstacles being placed on the map, but they’re not usually as bad as the ones you’re starting with.

4. Starting bonuses or penalties matter
If you’re unlucky to get a bad draw from the wheel you spin at the beginning of a level, that particular level might be impossible to beat on that try. Take it as a learning experience and plan your strategy for the next time, but have in mind that indeed some penalties can make a level impossible to beat. Or something like that.

5. Don’t forget about the power-ups!
The nice thing about Angry Birds Action is that it allows you to win power-ups when playing, so you don’t really have to spend any or a lot of money on getting them. Manage them well and you will have a good stash of power-ups waiting to be used at the right time. I would personally suggest to try a level at least a couple of times without power-ups and only afterwards try to bring them in to get some extra power: this way you already know the level well enough to have a strategy and if you have tried completing it a few times already, it means that a power-up might indeed be needed. But never try a power-up when the wheel draw has been against you as chances are you’ll just waste it!

6. Take advantage of the in-level boosts
Bomb craters, items that change your direction, even obstacles: they’re all placed there to help you complete the level, so always spend some time analyzing the level design and deciding how to use the items in there to your own advantage. Remember what each one does and put it to good use. Really soon you’ll be rolling the 3-star levels like no other!

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Thimbleweed Park Game Guide

In a town like Thimbleweed Park, a dead body is the least of your problems. Thimbleweed Park game guide a complex walkthrough which explains in detail how to complete the game. You will find solutions to all puzzles completed on the highest difficulty level.

Thimbleweed Park is an old-school point & click adventure game, which pays tribute to classics developed by LucasArts and released at the turn of the 1990s, such as Maniac Mansion. Thimbleweed Park was developed by an independent team led by two veterans of the industry – Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick.

The titular Thimbleweed Park is a town the game is set in. It was once a prosperous business area, but today it is definitely past its prime – not a particularly lively place, which exists without a good purpose. 

What also builds the atmosphere in Thimbleweed Park are the five playable characters. At the very beginning, the player is acquainted with two detectives called in to investigate a case of a body found in a river just outside the town. The third character – Dolores, gets acquainted with the testament of her rich uncle. A clown called Ransome, who wanders around a devastated circus suffering from a curse that makes them unable to get rid of the make-up and clothes is the fourth figure. The last character is called Franklin – he wakes up on the 13th floor of the Edmund hotel in Thimbleweed Park, and to his surprise, discovers that he is actually dead. The player can switch between the characters at any time. The game offers many endings, hundreds of locations for the player to visit, as well as two difficulty levels. 

What makes Thimbleweed Park an old-school game are both its pixelated, 8-bit graphics and an interface resembling the 1980s' products.
ThimbleWeed Park is a spiritual successor to classic LucasArts games that were released in the eighties. It is a title developed by independent studio led by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, two legendary creators of cult adventure games.
In this guide, you will find a complex walkthrough which explains in detail how to complete the game. Here you will find solutions to all puzzles on the highest difficulty level. The walkthrough is divided into chapters that make navigation and finding specific points of the game easier.
The guide to Thimbleweed Park contains:
A complex walkthrough for the game;
Presentation of ways of completing all tasks for each of the five controlled characters;
Description and solution of all logical puzzles in the game.

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Governor of Poker 2 Walkthrough & Cheats

Opening Story:

In Governor of Poker 2, poker has been banned and it's up to you to prove it to the minister of the Texas Gambling committee that poker is in fact a skill and not a game of chance. Travel from city to city and put your poker skills to the test in this exciting poker game. 

Texas Holdem Tips

In Governor of Poker 2, you will need to know how to play Texas Hold'em. The first stage of the game will walk you through a tutorial on how to play, but sometimes the terminology can be a bit tricky to remember if you are a newbie. The following is a few basic terms you will need to familiarize yourself with in order to play Governor of Poker 2. 

Fold - To fold means to give up your hand. Do this when you don't think you have a great hand. The sooner you fold, the less money you will lose. It gets harder to fold the more you get involved in a hand. 

Call - To call means you match the bet that's currently on the table. 

Raise - To raise means you are increasing the amount of money needed to stay in the round. 

Check - To check means to stay at the amount of money you are at. If no one raises in the round, you can check. As soon as someone raises though you will have to either call (meet their bet) raise (increase the bet) or fold (give up your hand.)

Bet - To met means to raise the amount of money needed to stay in the round. 

Bluff - When you don't have a good hand, you can sometimes still win the round by bluffing or pretending that you have a better hand than you do. 

Flop - The initial three cards dealt with the community. 

Turn - The Turn is the fourth card that is dealt with the community. 

River - The river is the fifth and final card that is dealt with the community. 

Hand Ranking List

It's a good idea to become familiar with what hand beats what in Governor of Poker 2. Here's a quick list of hands you should know. You can also access this list in the game by clicking on the top right-hand corner with the "i" icon. 

Royal Flush - This hand will be all the same suit so, for example, all hearts, and has to be 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace. 

Straight Flush - This hand is all the same suit but can be any cards as long as they are consecutive.

Four of a Kind - This hand consists of four cards that are the same card, i.e. four queens. 

Full House - A Full house consists of three similar cards and two similar cards. For example, three Kings and a pair of Aces. 

Flush - This hand consists of five cards of the same suit... for example all hearts. 

Straight - A straight is five cards that are in sequential order, for example, two, three, four, five, six. 

Three of a Kind - Three of a kind is simple three of the same card. 

Two Pairs - Two pairs consist of just that... two cards that are the same matched with another set of two cards that are the same. 

A Pair - A matching pair of cards. 

High Card - If no one has any of the hands above, the highest card will always win. 

General Tips

Click on the question mark icon next to the dealer to view the previous hand. 

If you want to check how good your current hand is, click the "i" icon in the top right.

If you want to check your current ranking against other players, click the podium icon in the top right.

To impress your fellow card players, click on yourself to do a chip trick. 

Click on yourself after a hand has been dealt to show if you are angry.

While in town, click on the hat icon to go to the hat store so you can upgrade your fashion. You'll also need to acquire certain hats in order to play in certain towns or areas. 

The dollar sign in town will let you visit the bank. Go here to pay off any debts you may owe. 

Click on the train icon to travel to the next town. 

The spade icon means there is a tournament to be played. Click on this to start. 

To go to sleep and start a new day, click on the calendar icon in the top right. Do this once you've complete a poker tournament. There will be a new one the next day.
Play Governor of Poker 2 in here: Governor of Poker 2 

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Hill Climb Racing 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies

Hill Climb Racing 2 is a physics-based arcade driving game from Fingersoft. In this game, players control a wildly unstable vehicle as it careens over hills, bridges, and other obstacles in an attempt to win a race or travel as far as possible. Gamezebo’s Hill Climb Racing 2 Tips, Cheats and Strategies will help you improve your anti-gravity driving skills—or at least crash ever-so-slightly less often.

Above all else, try not to crash. There are two modes in Hill Climb Racing 2: the endless “Adventure” and the multiplayer race “Cups.” In both modes, the key is to not crash—aka, don’t let your head hit the ground. In Adventure, crashing ends the entire run. In Cups, crashing will end the current race and assign you the status of “DNF” (Did Not Finish). You will be given fourth place for that race automatically and awarded no points. Although you will occasionally have to take risks and will almost certainly end up crashing at times, you should still prioritize not crashing before coins, fuel, winning, or anything else.
The exception to this is once you cross the finish line. You can crash after the finish line without any repercussions; if you’re haphazardly flying into the finish line and unable to land safely after it, no worries! Enjoy the crazy crash animation as you wait for the times to populate.

Your opponents are allowed to crash. When you’re playing Cups/race mode, your three opponents will likely crash. This does not end the race for them; it merely slows them down. Don’t assume because you saw someone crash they are out of the race; they can still continue driving and catch up to you.

General driving tips: You’ll need to use both the gas pedal and the brakes liberally. (The first game called them brakes, but it’s helpful to realize it’s really the “reverse” pedal. If you slam on the left pedal, you won’t stop, you’ll go backwards, but we’ll continue calling them “brakes” for continuity.) Flooring the gas without ever letting up or braking will result in you popping a wheelie and tipping over backwards. Mostly flat levels will be winnable by holding the gas and letting up / tapping the brakes when you start to tilt back. Let off the gas as you crest hills.

Really hilly stages will require you to adjust mid-air. There’s a review of the original Hill Climb Racing that compares it to Tiny Wings, and this is fairly apt when thinking about vehicle control on large hills. When in the air, you’ll want to adjust so you land parallel to the ground, and at worst, horizontal to it. If you land parallel—the hill is sloping down and your car is sloping down at the same angle—you’ll not only hit the ground without losing speed, but you’ll actually gain speed as you go down. If you land horizontal—think of a car belly flop—you’ll slow down and possibly stop, but you’ll at least stay upright.

When adjusting, you want to tap the pedal that is opposite whichever side of your vehicle is too high. So, if your front end is too high and you’re tipping backwards, you want to hit the brakes. If your back end is starting to raise above your front end, hit the gas. You can tap both pedals at the same time, but your fastest adjustments and best control will come from lifting one finger and hitting only one pedal at once—even if this means frantically tapping each one back and forth.
Don’t overcorrect to make up for lost time. If you hit the ground hard and lose speed, readjust yourself before flooring the gas. Remember the first rule: it’s better to fall behind a bit than to crash.

Don’t over-invest in your first jeep. As you progress through the ranks, you’ll be able to purchase new vehicles. The starter jeep, even upgraded, is much slower than the scooter and beyond. Save some money to not only buy these later vehicles but also to upgrade them instead. And buy the super jeep as soon as possible. It’s way, way faster than the starter jeep, more durable, and it even has a roll cage to protect you from minor crashes. We love the super jeep.

Tricks are mostly for fun, not for winning. Doing flips and getting air time will award you giant pop-up celebrations mid-race, but they don’t have much of a tangible benefit besides being cool. You’ll earn a few coins for each trick you complete, but you’ll earn a lot more by winning races and increasing your rank. Feel free to fly through the air when it gets you to the goal faster or if you’re just playing around, but if you’re trying for a best time or first place, avoid tricks and stay the course.

Keep an eye out for free upgrades and chest openings. Occasionally while in the vehicle upgrade menu, one of the upgradeable parts will be yellow and say “Free!” If you tap on this part, you’ll be offered the chance to watch a video to earn an upgrade level instead of paying the required coin amount. If you have multiple vehicles unlocked, every vehicle will have at least one “free” upgrade available, so you can choose which vehicle you want to get the freebie for. (If one vehicle has more expensive upgrades than the others, you may want to opt for it even if you aren’t currently using it.) You’ll also get this freebie option sometimes when viewing locked chests, but you’ll have to tap on a chest to see if it’s available.

What’s that gold medal at the goal line? When playing the Cups/race mode, you’ll sometimes see a gold medal waiting for you at the goal line. This shows up when you’re able to complete the red “win 10 races” chest and you’re in the lead. The gold medal indicates +1 to the races needed to unlock that chest. If you’ve already collected that chest for the day, you’ll no longer see gold medals at the goal line.
What’s the yellow number below RPM? In Cups/race mode, the yellow number shows you the current distance to the goal line. In Adventure/endless mode, it indicates how far you have traveled.

What’s that green thing on the RPM gauge at the start of a race? If you press the gas so your RPM gauge is within the green space when the race starts (after the 3-2-1 countdown), you’ll earn a “Perfect Start.” What does this mean? We honestly don’t know! It doesn’t seem to have any effect on your RPM, boost, or anything else. Maybe it’s just for bragging rights. If you know what a “Perfect Start” does, please share with us in the comments!

You can revert to old car parts if needed. After you purchase an upgrade for your engine, grip, suspension, or fourth part (this is different on each car), you can still revert to the previous level if you’d like. Tap the “Tune” button to the left of the parts to reveal an arrow. Tap the arrow to scroll through the previous levels. You permanently own any upgrades and can go back to the highest level you’ve purchased at any time, but sometimes it’s fun to put together a wacky combination (and easier to get flips that way, too).

Looking for customization options? They’re in the vehicle menu after you select “Race” from the Cups menu or the location from the Adventure menu. Tap “Looks” next to the upgradeable parts above your current vehicle. You can adjust the appearance for each vehicle you own separately—so you could choose blue paint for your starter jeep and green for your scooter—but your character will wear the same outfit no matter what vehicle they’re on. Also, keep in mind that paint colors are specific to certain vehicles—so if you unlock a new paint but don’t see it as an option, check the customization tab for other vehicles.

Open chests as often as possible. You can only store three chests at a time, so try to always have one open slot available for any new chests you earn. And you have to physically tap a chest to begin the “opening” process, which usually takes a few hours, so be sure to always tap a new chest after opening one. The exception to these rules are the blue chest you earn automatically every six hours and the daily red “win 10 races” chest: these do not take up a chest opening slot and will open immediately upon being tapped (assuming they are available to be opened). Finally, remember that you will often be given the option to open a slotted chest immediately by watching a video, so check back often to see if this shortcut is available to you.

Most of your coins will come from chests. The original Hill Climb Racing awarded large amounts of coins while driving, for doing tricks, and for reaching certain distances. Hill Climb Racing 2 really doesn’t award many coins during actual gameplay: on an average race you’ll probably come away with 100ish coins, and tricks only give you a few extra coins each. To get money for upgrades you’re going to need to open chests, which usually contain at least a few thousand coins, plus gems and customizations.

The difference between Ranked and Unranked: Ranked mode affects your current total Ranking, such as Bronze I, Silver II, Gold III, etc. When you win races in Ranked, your rank will improve. When you lose races, your rank will go down. The amount your rank decreases from losing is much lower than what it increases from winning, however, so it’s always advantageous to attempt a Ranked match. As you move up the ranks, you’ll unlock new stages and vehicles. You’ll also be pitted against players in these higher ranks. It’s worth noting that rank is only based on your personal score and not anyone else’s: so, when you reach 10,000 rank points, you’ll enter Silver. It’s not the top 10,000 players or anything like that; it depends only on the points you have earned.
The stage for Ranked mode is chosen randomly from all of the stages you have unlocked. Exiting a Ranked race before it is complete will forfeit ranking points, but it will also reset the stage and give you a new one (so this is a way to get a new Ranked stage if you dislike the one you were just assigned).

Unranked mode lets you choose your stage from all of the ones you have unlocked. You’ll still race other players’ ghosts, but you will not win or lose rank points. Exiting an Unranked match will not affect your rank points. The red “win 10 races” daily chest can be earned by winning Ranked or Unranked matches.

If you’re struggling with a particular stage, it’s probably a good idea to practice it in Unranked a few times in case it shows up in Ranked.

Don’t worry about fuel in race mode. The levels in Cups/race mode are so short that you’ll rarely run low on fuel. There are times, like Dark Roads, when you will have to choose which path to take and one will contain fuel while the other won’t; unless you’re already in the red, don’t worry about the fuel path. In Adventure/endless mode, however, fuel is critical and you should aim to pick up every container you come across. Do, especially in Adventure mode, keep in mind that fuel is always being used. Even if you stop moving, you’re still using fuel, so don’t stop to look at that roadside moose for too long.

Take in the sights in Adventure; ignore the sights in Cups. Hill Climb Racing 2 has greatly improved graphics over its predecessor. There are lots of little details along the road, including cows chewing cud, double-decker covered bridges, and mysterious military encampments. When you’re in race mode, ignore those sights. They are all background and won’t impact your drive, even if the cows act like you’re about to hit them. Let Adventure be your sight-seeing and cow-visiting time; race mode is racing time.
Click this link to play Hill Climb Racing 2 soon: Hill Climb Racing 2

Doodle Jump: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

The simple art style and gameplay all combine into a super addictive game that’s hard to put down. You control a cute, lil’ yellow avatar that’s a masterful jumper. You’re put in charge of getting this yellow dude to higher platforms while dodging enemies and other random hazards. We know you’re looking to get the highest score possible and land on some of the tougher situated platforms. Well, our aid will be of great use to you.

1. So What’s Classic Mode All About?

You’ll notice that there’s the option to select a mode called “Classic Mode.” This mode of play is designed for casual players who don’t want to deal with the headaches from constantly dying much faster than their more talented Doodle Jump players. In Classic Mode, the blue tiles that players can manually move around with your finer input won’t be present. This takes down the game’s difficulty level substantially, but it comes with one caveat – no use of those sweet jetpacks. Go Classic if you want to, but just know what you’re missing.

2. What Gadgets Will Help You Get Even Higher?

Of course, the point of Doodle Jump is to get as high as possible and grant yourself an amazingly high score. There’s a good amount of items that can get you as high as you need to go. Here are the items that will get you to that top position:

– Springs
– Rockets/Super Rockets (this second pair of rockets will appear during Space and Under Water level themes)
– Propeller Caps
– Trampolines

3. Lower Your Expectations

With an infinite jumper game such as this, you’ll have to come in knowing that you will die…a lot. The higher you get, the tougher the stage gets and the faster the platforms move. Set your expectations down a bit. You will fail and you won’t get to that fast moving platform most of the time. The road to success is paved with failure, which rings true with this game. Hopping up by gradually making your way up lower platforms that are close to each other are the way to go. Don’t go overshooting your jumps and try to hop on those super high platforms. You may get the urge to get super high. Calm yourself and go in moderation, folks. Make those mistakes, learn from ’em and watch your high score get even better.

4. There’s A Neat Little Trick Hiding Away at the Bottom of the Title Screen
Doodle Jump 

Whenever you go to the title screen, take a peek at the bottom of the screen. Scroll your finger at the bottom and you’ll notice that you can change some of the themes that are available in the game. Those themes include Rainforest, Halloween, Christmas, Space, Regular Stage, Soccer etc.

5. Shooting The Right Way

So you do know you have the ability to shoot at any enemies that get in your way, right? Whenever you touch the screen in a certain direction, your onscreen Doodler will shoot in that direction. Here’s a neat little trick – if you tap on any area that’s below you, your character will actually shoot upwards every time. This can help you kill off any enemies much easier since you don’t have to concern yourself with aiming a specific direction to fell some enemies. Tap on the bottom and keep the top screen clear so you can see where you’re going.

Your Doodler has a weapon to dispatch the bad guys, a projectile shooter. This is controlled by touch, and if you touch the screen your character will fire in that general direction. What many people don’t know is that if you touch the screen below the Doodler, he will still fire upwards, and in the direction you touched, even though you touched the bottom of the playfield. This is helpful because it allows the player to dispatch enemies without disorienting themselves by touching the screen and blocking the action.
Play Doodle Jump online in here: Doodle Jump

Introduce about rolling sky game

A challenging and interesting game where traps and barriers make you addicted.

Rolling Sky is a game that pushes the boundaries of your speed and reaction. The splendid 3D effect scene enables you to experience the imaginary traps and barriers. Now, let's control the ball and conquer the world by overcoming challenges.

How to play?
Drag the ball left or right and avoid all obstacles. Do not deviate from track! Come on! Relentless pursuit of super speed. You can be faster along with the music rhythm!

• One-touch control & simple operation
• Stunning 3D stereo visual
• Rich scenes: massif, cosmos, forest, snowfield, inferno
• A challenge to speed and reflex
 Try to play rolling sky game online with friends in here: rolling sky

Rolling Sky Cheats, Tips, and Tricks

Rolling Sky is a mobile runner game where you control a ball as you roll through a level filled with dazzling colorful displays and deadly traps. The game reminds me of Flappy Bird with its deceptively-simple mechanics yet once you start playing you’ll realize that it is actually difficult and exasperating. It will take you days of constant practice before you can be comfortable with the game’s fast-paced twists and jumps.

Before you decide on giving up on playing Rolling Sky be sure to check out these tips and hints that could help you push through until you complete all levels.

Rolling Sky Gameplay Hints

Remember that the controls in Rolling Sky are fluid and do not rely on slow swipes like in other running games such as Minion Rush.  The game precisely follows your finger so be watchful of the smallest swipes that you make as it could lead to your demise.

Try not to pick up gems on your first few attempts on a level. Instead you should focus on memorizing the map especially the paths that you should take and the obstacles that you have to avoid. You can always come back later for the gems to satisfy your completionist tendencies.

Do not even think of lifting your finger off the screen. A momentary loss of control can cost you a ball. Just keep it behind the ball as what the game told you to do. If you play with your finger in front of your ball you won’t be able to properly see the paths and the obstacles ahead of you.

Some players attest that using an index finger is the best way to play the game. Others say that the thumb gets the job done. Don’t be afraid to waste a few balls trying to learn what works best for you. There’s really no universal rule on which appendage works best for Rolling Sky. Just find out what you’re comfortable with so you can easily play without dying too much.

Some players also claim that listening to the game’s music helps as it gives clues on what stay alert at all times. If you’re new to a map you can be caught by surprise when the colors suddenly shift and the ground begins to sprout trees or mountains. This happens halfway through the map and these changes not only affect the aesthetics but also the kind of traps that will try to kill you.

Certain platforms have a different look than the ordinary ones you roll on. Watch out as these could be fragile platforms that break when you step on it. Try your best to stay on the stable paths to avoid the chance of falling to your death.

The dangers in Rolling Sky are not solely the traps and the pitfalls but also the shifting colors and the pretty yet deadly obstacles. Always stay focused and do not let these colorful visual displays be the cause of your ball’s destruction.

Be incredibly patient in mastering a level. Expect to die at least a dozen times before you can even get to 50%. One good tip in learning a level is to watch other players in YouTube complete it so you can get a good grasp on where to go and what to expect.

Rolling Sky Levels Guide

Rolling-sky-cheats-tips-and-tricks-levelRolling Sky currently features eight levels that you can play in any order. Each level is packed with different challenges that may leave you throwing your phone against a wall in utter frustration. To minimize the chances of that happening, check out this level by level guide.

Level 1: The easiest level of them all. You’ll have to move the ball left and right a lot of times. Traps range from easy to dodge hammers to more difficult ones like the trees that sprout out of the ground.

Level 2: Has a lot of gaps to jump across coupled by moving platforms and an assortment of traps. Still somewhat easy as it is a prelude of the more difficult levels to come.

Level 3: Now a little bit faster compared to the first two levels. The start of the level has sprouting trees, moving platforms, and some mid-air side movement. Things get easier near the end with traps that are very easy to avoid, making them more like visual distractions than actual dangers to your ball.

Level 4: Now trees and walls both emerge from the ground. Quick reflexes are a must if you wish to pass through a rising narrow gate without shattering to a million pieces. There’s also a part where you must go through an emerging tunnel and be quick enough to jump across the gap as a laser beam fires on your position.

Level 5: The colors in this level stay the same from start to finish. Expect a lot of jumps, columns, and moving platforms with those rolling wheels. A lot of split-second jumps are needed halfway through the level if you do not want to be blasted by laser beams.  There is a very high chance that you can immediately get killed by traps on the first moving platforms right after starting the level.  The best chance to avoid this early death is to stick to the right side and move towards the gems as the platform is sliding towards the left.

Level 6: The level is initially devoid of the usual showcase of vivid colors. There are a lot of narrow paths that you must go through. You must be really precise here to avoid meeting an early demise.

Level 7: The new obstacle in this level is an arch that ascends and descends. You can go through it when it’s up and you can jump over it when it’s down. A lot of lasers and shifting blocks that could move in front of your ball which is of course fatal if you don’t move sideways fast enough. The large laser beams here somewhat distort the colors when they fire.  Also there is a part where the level turns completely green. These visual distractions may disrupt your momentum so be warned.

Level 8: The latest addition to Rolling Sky is composed of colors that shift from a bleak blue to a dazzling array of hues that make the obstacles look like Tetris blocks.  Always look ahead for arrows and red / bright blue platforms.

Rolling Sky Balls Tips

Perhaps the best way to master Rolling Sky is to purchase unlimited balls for $1.99. It’s not that expensive and your momentum won’t be interrupted when you run out of balls. Also it goes a long way in supporting the developer and the future of the game. If you still choose to play without spending money then you can always watch advertisement videos for a couple of extra balls.

You might come across a website that claims to have a hack that can give you unlimited balls. Do not use these hacks as they do not work and can only damage your device. Do not download installers or input your personal information when asked.

There we go with the cheats, tips and tricks for Rolling Sky. I know that the game is incredibly frustrating and you might be on the verge of giving up. Just be patient in learning a level’s ins and outs, don’t lose hope, and keep practicing. All your efforts will pay off in the end when you finally reach 100% on all of the game’s levels. Good luck and have fun!

Let's play rolling sky game in here: rolling sky

Tap your way to victory in Rolling Sky without cheating

Rolling Sky Basics

The basic concept on display is incredibly simple. The idea is to roll your ball continuously forward while not falling off the edges and not hitting any obstacles. These obstacles can be literally anything - trees, hammers, big blocks, etc. The only object you ever want to collide with is a gem.

 Hey, this looks pretty easy!

That sounds simple enough. Roll around pits and don't hit things. How hard could it be? The problem is that the terrain is rapidly changing, with floors falling out from beneath you, tiles suddenly shifting position, vast chasms having to be jumped over, etc.

All of this must also be done with your device in vertical position, which may be annoying if you have a large tablet and aren't playing on your phone.

You can pick any of the levels at any time without having to progress through previous levels, but trust me, you want to start at the beginning before really feeling the pain.

 This is where the trauma begins

When you run out of balls (and you will run out of balls), you can get 10 more free by watching ads, or get unlimited by spending a little dough.

Because of how fast the terrain is moving beneath the ball, any lag is immediately deadly, so the better your device's specs the better you'll do, and obviously don't play in battery saver mode.

Most infuriatingly of all, you have to start the level over at 0% each time you lose a ball, no matter how close to 100% you had reached. I hope your phone has accidental or intentional damage insurance.

 This is when I started screaming...

Rolling Sky Strategies For Success

First and foremost, always keep your finger on the screen and slide left or right. Don't ever lift up and set back down, as the ball follows where you are pressing and holding.

In general, its better to make small, minute corrections rather than gigantic ones where you scroll all the way across to the other side, as its too easy to over-correct and end up falling off a gap in the floor.

The exception to this rule occurs in the small number of places where you need to leap from one edge of the screen to the other, like the halfway point of level 3. In this case, you need to very quickly slide from one edge of your device to the other without letting go, which is another way that larger tablets actually make this game harder.

Always pay attention to the color scheme on the floor – this is generally a good indicator as to whether a segment of floor is going to fall away. If there are two obviously different patterns and one of those leads a trail to the end of the area, that's where you want to go (or not go, as the case may be).

 The edges of this segment are going to fall away when you hit them

The closer you get to 100% on any level, the more outrageous the obstacles become. Instead of falling away, the floors might roll left to right and force you to move with it. An apparently clear path with suddenly be flooded with deadly laser beams, and so on.

In areas with rotating obstacles like the hammers that spin, there's usually one solid path that requires no moving left or right at all. Instead, you can just simply roll straight through between the movement of each obstacle as it passes.

This is usually (but not always) right in the middle. Look for a spot where the obstacles meet and that's usually where you want to go for a hassle free ride through areas that are otherwise difficult.

 Follow the middle rather than wildly spinning left and right

As you play any given level, try different screen finger positions and stick with one. I found that when my finger was near the bottom edge of the screen, I'd accidentally swipe too low when moving quickly and bring up the Android menu.

This is especially critical in later levels, as the speed greatly increases at level 3 and there's no room for error in having to reposition your finger if it falls off the screen.

Using Different Rolling Sky Tactics

When you get frustrated by a part that seems impossible to pass, try coming from the opposite direction of where you usually lose a ball. For instance, if you are normally rolling from the right and can't make a jump or slam into an obstacle, re-think your plan and try coming from the left slightly earlier. This can make all the difference.

Those areas where the floors move beneath you can actually become insanely easy if you are coming from the opposite direction since you will roll right over all the moving parts as the flow under you.

 This rolling segment seems impossible - until you hit it from the right angle

It's All About Memory
Like with the absurdly difficult but addictive Mr. Jump, the idea here is essentially memorization over skill. You just have to learn the pattern and follow it with your finger in exactly the same way each time to hit 100%.

The game's music changes when the colors on the floor change, and it also gives clues as to when something bad is going to happen, like a laser firing or a giant hammer falling. If you are playing with the volume up, learning the music is useful to memorizing the level's pattern.

When you hit the right pattern and fully memorize a level, it should only take between 1:30 – 1:50 to beat, which will probably provoke bouts of extreme rage after spending days failing at the harder levels.

Have fun, and don't smash your phone with a hammer!

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