Friday, May 26, 2017

Gold Digger - Review, Tips

Gold Digger is a cute and addictive little Flash game that has you mining for gold using just a claw and reel to unearth valuable treasures in a race against the clock. Each level provides a dollar value goal that must be met within the time limit to move on to the next.

Using just the [down] arrow on the keyboard, press the key to stop the claw from swinging and send it down to latch onto the first item it encounters. Gold nuggets, ranging in size from pebbles to boulders, yield values commensurate with their size. Rocks and larger gold nuggets require more time to reel in, with rocks being worth a tiny fraction of gold. Items can be bought between levels with earnings to spice up the game and add a small element of strategy to the gameplay.

It's a well-produced game with cute, appealing graphics and sound effects.

Gold Digger Tips:

  • Buy strength at any price
  • Don't buy TNT if you already have 5 (the limit)
  • Buy Luck and TNT at $100 or less.
  • You can grab pigs w/ diamonds off-screen.
  • When you use TNT, it clears diamond and gold in the area of the blast.
  • Usually go after grab bags first to get strength if you couldn't buy it.
  • Don't stop grabbing things even if the gold, bags, and diamonds are already gone.
  • When time is going to run out, grab anything you can.
  • It takes 12 seconds to slow haul a $500 nugget from the bottom, if you don't have that much time left, don't try the grab it.
Play this game now Gold Digger

Thursday, May 18, 2017

HeliCrane 2 - Bomber

HeliCrane 2 Bomber is military version of popular game HeliCrane. You have to take personal control of powerful military helicopter armed of really deadly weapons. Use rapidly rotating rotor of copter and every existing weapon to destroy terrorist car. Exclude enemy to reach the destination. There are complex obstacles, massed fire and pressing speed of car.
Earn much more coins and bonuses from the accurate shoots. 
The pursuit is happening in front of the post apocalyptical countryside background and is decorated with realistic physics. 
So finally, now it's the best time to try it!

Game features:

- 9 levels with different levels of difficult;
- 5 types of military helicopters;
- 4 types of enemy cars;
- The system of earning coins and bonuses;
- Different post-apocalyptical countryside;
- Realistic physics;
- Saving of users progress.


- Use the arrow keys or "A, S, D, W" to control helicopter;
- Use mouse for aiming and shooting.

Play this game in here rolling sky

Strategy Guide for King Of Fighters

Play as Billy Kane
Successfully complete at least two Target Combos during each match (averaging six per stage) before Stage 4 in Arcade mode. Then, defeat Billy Kane when he challenges you to unlock him. Note: Target Combos only count after you have defeated an opponent.

Play as Human Saiki
Successfully complete at least five Target Combos during each match (averaging fifteen per stage) before Stage 4 in Arcade mode. Defeat Human Saiki when he challenges you to unlock him. Note: Target Combos only count after you have defeated an opponent.

Fight against Ash Crimson
Have a score of 4,000,000 points at the end of Stage 5. The "Here comes a new challenger" message will appear, and you will face Ash Crimson in the next stage.

Fight against Dark Ash
Defeat True Saiki in Stage 6 to face Dark Ash.

Fight against True Saiki
Have a score of 2,500,000 points at the end of Stage 6. The "Here comes a new challenger" message will appear, and you will face True Saiki in the next stage.

Extra colors
A new row of colors in Color Edit mode will become available every tenth time a character is selected.

Alternate costumes
When selecting one of the following characters, press Back to get their indicated alternate costume:

Andy Bogard: The King Of Fighters 2001 outfit (Eiji Kisaragi alternate)
Elizabeth Blanctorche: The King Of Fighters 11 outfit
Joe Higashi: Tiger stripes outfit
K': Additional colors
Kyo Kusanagi: Original school uniform
Raiden: Big Bear outfit
Ralf Jones: Camouflage outfit
Takuma Sakazaki: Mr. Karate outfit
Yuri Sakazaki: Original long braids

Chibi online profile icon
Successfully complete all ten Time Attack stages with a character to unlock his or her "Chibi" icon in your online profile.
Play King of Fighter 1.3 in here :  King Of Fighters 1.3

Friday, May 12, 2017

Bomb It 6

Bomb It is a very interesting game series. Many people around the world like it very much and play the games on daily basis. I personally find this games very entertaining.
The Bomb It 6 game is super fun. Your goal is fairly simple – insert the bombs in the right place and eliminate all the other players – as quickly as you can. This won’t be easy at all because they will try to do the same thing and make you lose!

Bomb it arena –  involves using bombs to ensure you get through each level without being destroyed by your enemies. You do this by bombing your enemies first and making a safe path in order for you to reach the end. The bonus of this game is that you can play it by yourself or if you want to show off your gaming skills to your friends you can request the two player option.


The controls for this game are easy to use as the creators have tried to make it as simple as possible for gamers using a PC. There are only a few keys that need to be used for e.g. a key dedicated to dropping bombs only and arrow keys to move your avatar through the game.

Remember if there are obstacles in your way the arrow keys will not work as you need to bomb these first before you can go any further. You can also refer back to the help section at the start of the game if you need to refresh your memory on the rules of the game.


The objective of bomb it 6 is to bomb as many enemies as possible in order to gain as many of the points available for that level in the game. Your avatar also needs to move through the game by removing any objects in its path. How do you do this? Bomb your way through! Don’t stay too close though or it could be the end of the game for you if you do!


There are many levels included in this game which will provide you with hours of entertainment as you try to overcome the obstacles in each section while trying not to get your avatar killed. You will begin the game at level 1 and progress to level 2, level 3 etc. The better you become at this game, the higher the level you will reach and the more points you will receive.

It’s time to start playing bomb IT 6! Play in here: Bomb IT 6

Thursday, May 4, 2017

More Plants vs. Zombies 2 Tips and Tricks

So you’ve booted up Plants vs. Zombies 2 for the first time and all of a sudden zombies are shambling across your lawn! And now some crazy guy who’s ironically named Crazy Dave is going on about his taco and how he wants to eat it again (?!?) and before you know it, he’s whisking you back in time to fight zombie mummies, pirates, cowboys, and a whole slew of other undead monstrosities! Worry not brave zombie-slayer, whether you’re a Plants vs. Zombies newbie or a seasoned garden warfare expert, these new Plants vs Zombies 2 tips and tricks will see you to victory in PopCap’s zany over the top zombie-slaying sequel. Click here to check out our first set of tips.

1. Conserve plant food until you really need it

When you get access to the limited-use plant food that allows you to activate a specific plant’s super attack, you’ll no doubt be tempted to rain down plant-fueled destruction on any zombies that you see. Learning to resist that temptation is a good habit to cultivate as a few well-timed uses of plant food can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

One especially clever application of plant food is waiting until there’s a glowing green zombie (which awards a use of plant food upon being defeated) in the middle of a pack of other zombies. Using plant food to take out that group will not only wipe them out, it will also act as basically a “freebie” use since you’ll immediately get that plant food back for killing the glowing green zombie!

2. Don’t be afraid to dig up plants

If you get into a tight spot, don’t be afraid to dig up plants in order to give yourself some breathing room. Digging up plants can have several benefits; clearing a useless plant from a space early instead of waiting for a zombie to munch through it can give you time to replace it with a more useful plant and eliminate the zombie before it gets closer.

Digging up plants also refunds a partial amount of their sun cost (even more so if you get certain account bonuses) which, again, can bump your total sum amount up high enough to put down a key plant that saves you from a dire situation. This tactic is especially useful if there’s one particular lane of the field that’s getting hammered by zombies but other lanes are completely open.

3. Prepare in advance for different ranges of combat

Variety is the spice of life and that holds especially true in Plants vs. Zombies 2. Even if there’s a specific range (long or close) or roster of plants you prefer, preparing for all combat ranges is never a bad tactic. Supplementing long-range plants like Peashooters and Cabbage-pults with close-range plants like Bonk Choys and Snapdragons ensures you’ll be able to eliminate pesky zombies at any range.

Plants that slow down approaching zombies, such as Iceberg Lettuce, Walnuts, and Kernel-pults, are especially useful as they can help your long-range plants soften tougher zombies up for your close-range plants to deliver the coup de grace.

4. Take the time to revisit cleared worlds

Once a particular world is cleared, all of that world’s levels can be replayed to earn stars and world keys which in turn help unlock new worlds and new areas in each world. Instead of trying to blaze through the main story path as quickly as possible, be sure to take the time to revisit previously cleared worlds every now and then.

Not only will you build up your collection of stars and world keys, you’ll also unlock new plants and account bonuses and you could even encounter the rare Treasure Yeti which drops a treasure case when defeated which can contain its own world keys and other treasures!

Plants vs. Zombies 2 has taken everything that was great about the first game and made them even better while also tossing in a whole helping of new features and plants. Utilizing the above tips will help you establish a strong base of strategy against the encroaching zombie hordes but there’s also plenty of room to come up with your own creative strategies. Keep on playing and keep on planting and you’ll be a Plants vs. Zombies expert in no time!

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