Friday, May 26, 2017

Gold Digger - Review, Tips

Gold Digger is a cute and addictive little Flash game that has you mining for gold using just a claw and reel to unearth valuable treasures in a race against the clock. Each level provides a dollar value goal that must be met within the time limit to move on to the next.

Using just the [down] arrow on the keyboard, press the key to stop the claw from swinging and send it down to latch onto the first item it encounters. Gold nuggets, ranging in size from pebbles to boulders, yield values commensurate with their size. Rocks and larger gold nuggets require more time to reel in, with rocks being worth a tiny fraction of gold. Items can be bought between levels with earnings to spice up the game and add a small element of strategy to the gameplay.

It's a well-produced game with cute, appealing graphics and sound effects.

Gold Digger Tips:

  • Buy strength at any price
  • Don't buy TNT if you already have 5 (the limit)
  • Buy Luck and TNT at $100 or less.
  • You can grab pigs w/ diamonds off-screen.
  • When you use TNT, it clears diamond and gold in the area of the blast.
  • Usually go after grab bags first to get strength if you couldn't buy it.
  • Don't stop grabbing things even if the gold, bags, and diamonds are already gone.
  • When time is going to run out, grab anything you can.
  • It takes 12 seconds to slow haul a $500 nugget from the bottom, if you don't have that much time left, don't try the grab it.
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