Thursday, June 15, 2017

Palisades Guardian 3 introduction

Palisades Guardian 3 is the next sequel in the popular first person shooting defense game! Perfect your accuracy and earn coins to upgrade your skills and weapons. Defend against waves of mechanical enemies and hone your skills to defend and uphold your base. Extremely polished graphics, 9 different weapons, 9 different stages...can you win? Upgrade your skills and weapons in the post-game menu. Grab the old, trustworthy and precise rifle as that will be your first weapon for surviving the alien invasion! Blast brains of bugs, monsters, creepy aliens and other ugly creatures before they reach and destroy your base. Earn medals and use them to purchase better weapons, unlock new stages, purchase few bombs along with other defensive things. 
1. Click to shoot.
2. Spacebar to aim down your gun sight.

3. Power-Ups: Buy Power-Ups before you start a round, and then click the Power-Up icon in the top left of your screen. Select a target for your Power-Up if prompted.
Play this game now Palisade Guardian 3 

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